Projekt Management

With over 20 years of leadership experience both from the Industry and services sector, EU-Projectservices AB has the knowledge and experience in Project Management both from ERDF- as well as privately funded projects.

Project Administration

EU-Projectservices AB has many years of experience, both indirect and direct as project administrator, in local, regional and international EU funded R&D projects.


Project budget and financial structure

Problems with organising and structuring your project expences in your Project proposal, we have several years of experience to give you advise and help out in making your budgets.


Project applications

Project application and organising your partnerships with european companies/organisations similar to your own field of expertise is often hard to do by your own, through our network of experts, with over 20 years in the field, we can make the difference,so don"t hesitate to contact us.


Web solutions

We also have knowledge and contacts with companies that deliver homepages, project plattforms and e-learning platforms.