In most EU financed projects there is a demand for dissemination and effective ways to communicate as well as access common project documents wherever you are.

That"s the reason EU-Projectservices AB have decided to co-operate with Tervix ICT AB as they can deliver solution for every situation.

The mobile office - Tervix Intranet

With Tervix Intranet – the mobile office without extensive use of paper is now possible. A lot of customers see this as improved efficiency. In a number of EU - financed projects Tervix Intranet has been the tool for co-operation.


Where ever- when ever- as much as!!!


With Tervix Touch you can easy change and update your homepage direct through your web browser. 
Where ever you can access the Internet - at work - at home - at the hotel room - at the conference...then there is a possibility to update your homepage.